What are the benefits of expanded metal mesh?

At Meshstore we love expanded metal mesh. This product has a wide range of applications, and can be used by everyone from DIY rookies to experienced professionals.

But what are the benefits of expanded metal mesh?

This article will explain what expanded metal mesh is, and why it’s so handy to work with.

Expanded metal mesh starts life as a single sheet, which is then stretched and slit.

How is expanded metal mesh made?

Before we dive into the individual characteristics of expanded metal mesh, it’s useful to know how it’s made, and get a handle on some key terminology as this will inform the rest of the article.

Expanded metal mesh starts life as a single sheet. The manufacturing process involves the simultaneous stretching and slitting of this sheet, producing the classic uniform pattern of diamond-shaped holes we see in the finished product.

Not only is this method environmentally friendly, as no metal is lost through expansion, it also gives expanded metal mesh these key attributes:

  • A high strength to weight ratio

When compared with other forms of mesh, such as woven wire or welded wire, expanded metal has a very high strength to weight ratio.

This is thanks to the fact that it originates from a single sheet. The knuckles, or intersections between the strands of mesh, aren’t cut during production, meaning they withstand heavy loads better than the welds or joints associated with woven or welded wire mesh.

The lack of joints also means fewer maintenance issues, as there are no component parts that can work loose over time.

However, despite this strength, the product retains the lightweight credentials associated with metal sheets, making expanded metal mesh an easy-to-install option for security applications such as gates and fences.

The high strength to weight ratio makes expanded metal mesh great for use in fences.

  •  Anti-slip properties

This property is also related to the knuckles. These crossing points provide excellent traction underefoot, making expanded metal mesh a popular choice for safety applications, such as walkways, ramps and stair treads.

Walkways purchased from Meshstore are always fully compliant with AS 1657, the industry standard governing features associated with working at height.

As well as the strength and traction requirements given in this document, our industrial walkways pass the 15mm ball test. This element of AS 1657 states that no objects larger than 15mm should be able to pass through the mesh, in the interests of safety for those passing below.

  • Aesthetic value

The range of profiles achievable with the manufacturing process of expanded metal mesh means this product is readily applicable to home DIY projects where creating a specific effect is the desired result.

For example, if you’re hoping to create a sunscreen for your deck there are profiles designed with this in mind. By selecting the appropriate gap size, you can ensure that your mesh still provides a natural flow of air and light while protecting yourself from the harsh Australian sun.

Expanded metal mesh is a great conductor of heat and electricity.

  • Corrision resistance

We make our expanded mesh from a variety of metals, but among the most common are aluminium and galvanised steel. Both of these materials demonstrate a high level of resistance to corrision which makes them great for use in outdoor applications.

  1. Aluminium – This metal will form a natural oxide layer when exposed to air and water, shielding the metal itself from rusting.
  2. Galvanised Steel – This product is made by adding a protective layer of a non-reactive metal such as zinc on top of the steel to protect the underlying material.
  • High Conductivity

From heat to electricity, and even magnetic flux, expanded metal mesh is highly coductive.

This trait also derives from the way in which expanded metal mesh is manufactured. The lack of welds or breaks in the original sheet means that there’s nothing to break up the connection.

Hopefully this article has given you some inspiration on the range of potential uses for expanded metal mesh, and what makes it so good to work with. To find the perfect material and profile to suit your project, get in touch with the team at Meshstore today.

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